There are two ways to contribute:

  • Submit your experiences relating to who you are when you’re online via the form below. We may contact you to ask for an image to go with your submission or if we have any questions.
  • Be interviewed by us using the chat platform of your choice, and submit a photos, screenshots or illustrations which demonstrate your online identity.

We always prefer the interview method, since having a conversation about experiences often brings out the nuances of individual identity. Sometimes an answer to a question might elicit more questions and the only way to find out is by engaging in dialogue.

But we realize this isn’t for everyone, so if you wish to just submit a paragraph about yourself, that is also fine!

Privacy & Information

The information you submit to the project may be used in the following ways:

  • Published in part or in full on this website
  • Distributed via our social media channels
  • Used as data visualizations for the project

Things we won’t do:

  • This is a not-for-profit project, so your information will not be sold to any third parties
  • Rephrase your answers or edit your images without your permission
  • Make public comment or judgement on your submission – this is a judgement-free zone!

Things we request you don’t do:

  • Submit anything that infringes copyright laws
  • Submit content which may cause harm to others
  • Submit anything that is defamatory in nature

We accept that for some, nudity and sexual practices are part of online identity. While this type of content may be submitted, we may not publish it, or may need to work with you to edit it to be suitable for the general audience of this project.

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