Do I have to give you my real name?

If by “real” you mean your offline name, the one that’s on your passport or your rental agreement, then no. This project is about how you identify online. For some, that means calling themselves by their real name, for others that might mean going by an online handle or nickname.

Do I have to send you a photo with my face?

No. You don’t have to show us your face if you don’t want to. We’re not interested in “proving” who you are in the offline world, only in getting to know who you are in online spaces.

How long do interviews typically take?

Depends on your answers and how much time you have. Typically we ask that you allow 60¬†minutes for an interview. This gives us time to get to know you a little bit, and allows you to carefully consider each question. However we know everyone is time-poor, so let us know if you’d like to participate but don’t have that much time, and we’ll make every effort to accommodate you.

Is this project part of PhD research?

No. The idea for the project came about while its creator, Virginia, was working on a Master’s thesis, however it was never used for this purpose. The project is completely unattached from any academic institution, and receives no funding or support from any other research bodies.